• Mohamad Tabbaa

Interview: Homosexuality, Colonial Islam and other Musings

Late last year I was invited to speak on a panel discussing Homosexuality and the Muslim community. To my knowledge it was the first event publicly discussing this topic amongst the Muslim community, so much credit to the student organizers for broaching the topic.

As happens when a topic is first introduced, we played in the shallows and didn't really get a chance to dive into the depths I was hoping we would. I was left feeling a bit disheartened at how our communities address these topics and began to wonder whether it would have been better to decline the invitation altogether.

As fate would have it, Tanzim from the Boys in the Cave followed me out of the venue as we were heading over to drown our sorrows in all things coffee and chocolate. He asked if he could interview me on the same topic, and in my current mood I quickly dismissed the idea. His persistence led us to exchange numbers even though I continued to defer in the hopes that he would simply disappear.

He didn't, and after some prompting by friends I agreed to be interviewed the following morning.

My only regret is that I almost passed up such a worthwhile engagement. I was able to air some of my concerns with the way we currently address the topic and our approach to Islam more generally.

Hats off to the team at Boys in the Cave for not shying away from the topics most would avoid, and for hosting in a genuine manner in pursuit of intellectual growth.

On this episode we discuss homosexuality, a bit of feminism, as well as the colonial impact on our understanding and practice of Islam. We've since filmed another episode expanding these topics and delving into the problematic nature of modern human rights, which I'll also share once it goes live.

In the meantime, enjoy!


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