Mohamad Tabbaa 

So you've been unfortunate enough to reach my site. My commiserations, you poor soul. 

But I suppose since you're here you may as well learn a thing or two about me.

In a nutshell: an introvert burdened with overthinking, torn between the café-life and solitude, loves adventure, animals and all things writing.

Especially long-form writing… 

Toying with hair and beard styles in Tur
Toying with hair and beard styles in Tur

An 80s child born in Lebanon, raised in Melbourne, Australia. In my (many) attempts to find a home in this world, I've also spent a year in Lebanon and two years in Tasmania, only to return begrudgingly to Melbourne, where I now reside permanently.

My life basically oscillates between do all the things! and seclusion is the true life! Apparently somewhere in between that I'm building a career. I’ve worked over forty jobs in almost as many industries, never really settling on anything as yet. Most recently I tried my hand at academia for a few years, before moving into the corporate li(f)e, where I now work in Public Transport Operations. 

On the learning front, after much deliberation and a failed attempt at Accounting (thank God it failed), fate dragged me into the Humanities. I completed a degree in History and Legal Studies, focusing on modern European history and critical human rights theory. I went on to complete my Honours in Legal Studies, with my thesis interrogating the violent potential of human rights narratives. Perhaps as a form of self-beratement, I then decided to pursue a PhD in Criminology and Law, investigating the confessional (sinful) nature of political speech in Australia. 150,000 words later, I'm still here! 

I also spent a year in Lebanon, studying Classical Arabic and Islamic Sciences, alongside a number of years of informal studies of the same nature. I’ve recently returned to reading fiction after a long hiatus, realising I was a fool for ever having left. 

Scuba diving the stunning waters of Feth

I have a zeal for life that moves me from mountaintop to ocean to forest and everywhere in between, but it’s the water that ultimately captures me. 

Entrusting my phone camera (usually Samsung), I try to capture these moments, but am notoriously slow to upload them, so do bear with me. 

A blog has been years on my mind, so I’m not entirely sure how it will pan out. But hopefully you can expect to see an endless supply of photos of nature, animals (let’s be honest, cats) and the occasional coffee and brunch. You’ll also be exposed to general reflections on life and more serious conversations on its (evasive) meaning and stubborn inscrutability. And book reviews.

Enjoy : )